If you’ve been to SharePoint Saturday New England, you know the general format. For Teams Thursday New England, we’ll have 28 sessions spread across 4 tracks:

  • Soft skills – culture, strategy, business value, adoption, etc.
  • IT Pro – governance, management, administration, migration, security, compliance, etc.
  • Developer – bots, tabs, connectors, Power Platform, etc.
  • 101 sessions – tips, tricks, feature overview, training, customer stories, etc.

We’ll also have an opening keynote and a Customer Immersion Experience (CIE) track (2 sessions x 2 different times):

Seamless Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

Are you still sending an e-mail with an attachment to your teammates when you want to collaborate on a file? With Microsoft 365 tools for teamwork, you can seamlessly collaborate on files with your team members. Explore how you can avoid sinkholes and increase productivity using Microsoft Teams.

Enabling Real-time Collaboration for Cross-functional Teams

How do you bring various stakeholders together across multiple teams to achieve your goal? Do you wish you could reduce the number of meetings or e-mails while still being able to solicit feedback, keep everyone informed, and get consensus? Explore how to use chat, share files, meet, and work with other business applications to effectively engage others.

Plus, the requisite networking event to follow: TeamsToast!

Stay tuned for more details as we have them!